• Elparts is one of the leading importer and engineering firm established in early 1980’s.
  • We are engaged in every aspect of the power distribution, always following new and advanced technologies.
  • We are proud of our strong client focus and long-term relationships.
  • Our aim is to embrace our customers to rely on our strategies to produce events that convey their key messages and values in a diverseand impactive manner.
  • The roots trace to a small shop in Nicosia, Cyprus. It all started with electric blanket production, low voltage electrical product sales and fixture.
  • On 2nd January 1985, the company later became private limited company and expanded the product sales range in the market.
  • Till now we took part in every major project in Northern Cyprus. Hospitals, University Campus Buildings, Airport Terminals, Government Investments etc.
  • Today, Elparts is engaged in every aspect of the electrical industry, including importing goods, organizing, planning, engineering, product sales and medium voltage applications.